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MY Fav Spots

Designed so that you can record your favorite, secret, spots, locations, on your phone and it will also give you directions so that you can find your way back.

My Medical records

Made to give individuals a simpler way to carry all their key medical history and or providing individuals the ability to have at hand their medical history and key data.


Gives users the ability to record and maintain key information about themselves, their insurance for scuba diving, their equipment, the dive sites they have been and more. 



This enables you to organize your upcoming events and tasks in seconds and lets you decide if a reminder or prompt is required. Using technology to help the you manage and control your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly activities.


First Steps

This is intended for parents who want to keep track of their infant child or children. They are able to encode all the needed information and track the changes that are happening to their baby. 

what we do.

We here at FnJ Software take your lifestyle needs and deliver the technological solutions to enhance the human experience. Our applications are designed to seamlessly fit your daily routine, all while providing you with the best and up-to date smartphone software support. 

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