The FnJ Software Team

FNJ Software has been born out of a desire and a need to develop applications that are practical and react to users request, the company places high importance on ensuring that user requests are added, if practical and will add benefit to other users.

We are firmly committed to creating lasting customer relationships and creating applications that our customers are happy to use and would be happy to  endorse.

We have a dedicated marketing team and user support team to ensure that user request and feedback are addressed as soon as practical. Our team truly believes that the customer's needs and requests must be met and addressed.


The company has 5 main application streams: My Medical Records, DiveMaster, Remind-Me, My Fav Spots, and First Steps.  

All four fit the needs that are close to heart of the leadership team. 
These applications are driven from our personal lives; just like our desire to go diving at every opportunity, from our very own  professional experiences of working with major corporations managing and controlling maintenance activities, and finally a desire to travel and the need to have key information close at hand just like our medical information.

We strongly believe in these applications and are looking to develop a long term software client base; one which we hope will be able to develop and support through required updates and added features.



Our Apps

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