Here at FnJ Software, we are developing applications that the management team firmly believes in and that we know will make a difference in people's lives. Whether if it is just from how they manage and organize their time to how they record and share their diving experiences.


Never forget any of your plans, tasks, and responsibilities ever again! Whether it be for work, for hobbies, for school, or for leisure, you can easily organize and set alarms for your days, months, and even years, all at the press of a finger.

My Medical Records

All key information of your medical history, allergies, specialists, medications, appointments, diagnoses, operations, vaccinations, and more right in the palm of your hand. You can make that possible with My Medical Records.


A scuba diver's best friend, the app allows you to record favorite sites, memorable dives, and your dive qualifications. What's more, you can store personal and equipment information that you can use for insurance claims.

My Fav Spots

Travel and make memories all you want with an easy-to-use destination-documenting application. When you start missing your favorite travel destinations, you can simply whip out your smartphone to revisit the photos, descriptions, and locations of the spots you have been to.

First Steps

Your children are your number one concern, and through this app, you are able to track all the growth and learning your children encounter. They can learn and develop their capabilities even more using the different learning materials given. 

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