Your diving best friend. 

DiveMaster is an application in which the user had the ability to record and maintain key information about themselves, their insurance for scuba diving, their equipment, the dive sites they have been and, of course, a log book.


DiveMaster is broken down into 5 key sections:


User Data

Within this section you record personal basic information like contact details, kin details, and your insurance details. We are looking to provide key data here for the unlikely event that you need to make an insurance claim while away from home and also a single point of reference if somebody needs to be contacted in an emergency.


Dive Qualifications

Within this section the application records and displays all your dive qualifications, thus removing the need carry multiple cards.  It is more convenient nowadays because after all, when we travel our phone is one of those things we always take with us these days.


Equipment Register

Within this section the application records key data about your dive equipment, such things as the serial number and type; thus in the worse case situation, if equipment is lost or stolen you have a complete register of your dive equipment, along with the photos, to help you complete any insurance claims and or identify your specific equipment.


Dives Sites

Within this section the application provides the ability to record the exact dive sites location of where you are going to have a scuba diving for example, using the Smart Phones built in GPS, the user can record key data, such as name, date rating and the sites of a resort. They can take photos as part of their life experiences and record a map or a possible memory from the dive boat.


Dives Logged

Within this section the application provides the user with a dive logbook, aimed to record the key data for a dive, such as date, time in, water temperature, dive rating, and  dive buddy while having fun. They can take photos as what they want to capture for that moment as a wonderful experienced. They can share it through Facebook, Twitter or any social media’s account.

The application also provides a map which will show all your record dive sites, the map that will show you at a glance where in the world you have been diving, and by selecting the  best location that you want for that moment. This can  be also helpful in planning  your next diving holiday and let you know where you need visit to fill in the gaps.