First Steps

Watch your baby grow and learn.

Here within FnJ Software we find it frustrating to buy or download an application only to find the key section you want you must add or pay extra for. We have decided to make it a policy that none of our applications work in this manner, when you buy an application you get full access there is no hidden section or hidden “add on’s” that require in app purchases.

We also know how frustrating it can be when you want to access data and for whatever reason, your mobile device has limited coverage. Within this application we have stored all data locally, including the activities, thus ensuring you can get to the data immediately, no matter where you are, so if you need a tool to help entertain your kids while flying, travelling, if you want to make sure you can always access records or record changes. This is the app for you!

As parents we know how important it is to us, and we are sure to you, that our children have the best possible start in life and that we are able to keep a track of their growth and general progress.

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Within the application we have added key goals, markers and check points, so that you can look at the age of your child and have a guideline as to their suggested development stages, this is held within Development Goals, each one, from newborn up to 3 years, has 4 sections, Intellectual Skills, Motor Skills, Emotional Skills and Communication Skills. Each of these section have suggested target that your child should be able to manage.

Next we have looked at recording the physical development and visits with their, your child’s, pediatrician. We have puts this within the Records section, here you can record notes and details either from a visit with your pediatrician or just records on their growth that you have taken at home, height and weight are used in the graphs to plot how your child is growing.

Within the Milestones section we have plotted the guidelines on growth, height, and weight, this information has been taken from the World Health Organisation and is a guideline on the suggest growth of a child. We take the information you added in the records section plot your specific child’s data these graphs so you can see how your own child is growing against these international standards.

We also understand that our kids grow and change so fast that it is amazing. We love to see how our child has changed over the months and years to be able to watch the changes in their face and see how their own unique and amazing facial features develop. We have add the a section, Changing Face where you can add images, we suggest face shots, of your child and see how your child’s face and facial expression have change over time.

No application for child would be complete without a section stimulating their intellectual growth and helping them with hand-eye coordination. We have a section call Activities which is focused just on this, within here we have some common household and general objects which they can learn to recognize and hear them, they learn by pressing the relevant buttons they see a new object, they can hear the objects name or they can see the objects spelling, helping with recognizing and improving hand-eye coordination, also provides them with entertainment while stimulating their mental awareness. For the animals we have added the calls, the sounds, the animals make. On our test subjects they loved this, in fact they loved this so much it was an amazing distraction when looking to take them places in the car.

Finally we have added a section that contain some basic links to web sites providing some key data, Info section, these are public domain sites and all the information is freely available.

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