My Fav Spots

My Fav Spots can give you directions back to the
places you have saved. 

Have you ever just stumbled across that amazing little café, bar, shop, or an amazing tourist attraction and then never been able to find your way back there? Or maybe you can just never remember where your dentists or doctors’ clinics are? Are you a frequent traveled that just wants to record all the amazing places you have been in the world, and look back at all the pins dotted over the globe?


Well, now we have the answer! My Fav Spots has been made with these issues in mind.


My Fav Spots gives you the ability to record your current location straight to your phone, add details about the location like it's name, a category, a description, and a photo. 





















You can also add visits, so you can see how many times you have been to the places via ratings, comments and photos, changes through time and the seasons, letting you see how your life and the life around you has changed over time.


And did we mention that you can post all of this on your favorite social media site? You can directly add it all. 


It is a simple-to-use application that is a must for anybody that likes to get out and about and see how life and places change or for people that just love to record where they have been and might need to find their way back there.