My Medical Records has been designed to give individuals a simpler way to carry all their key medical history and providing the ability to have at hand their medical history and key data, such as: images, specialist contact details, emergency contact details, current and past medication, allergies, and many more. 


As our CTO is a sufferer of Fibro Muscular Dysplasia (FMD) the application has been designed with an element to support rare and complicated medical conditions. To this end, there is a section dedicated to holding links to support groups, online documentation, and data that either users or medical professional can access when discussing your medical condition with you. 


In line with supporting individuals, it provides a means of recording all their appointments. It lets a user select a reminder, list of all medications, current and historical. With that, it can provide a reminder to take and the dosage. The app can post reminders on your iCloud calendars, therefore ensuring that the data is shared among devices if the user permits.


It also lets you record key images and other essential data that can be used to help somebody understand your medical condition and or just their medical history.


A percentage of all profits are given to FMDSA and Scleroderma; therefore we, The FNJ Software Team, would like to thank you for helping FMD and Scleroderma sufferers. We hope that you find the application useful as our management team and testing team have already found it to be invaluable by giving them the ability to show and discuss with ER staff their medical conditions. The application has been reviewed and endorsed by a number of medical practitioners and sufferers of rare diseases.















                                           The application is broken down into a number of key sections


The Home screen is where the user is able to drive the main elements of the application; this is also the default screen when the application is launched.

Emergency Contacts

Here the user can add as many contact as they would like, key data about each contact is recorded, and also it is noted if the contact has been given power of attorney in case this is required for a medical emergency.

The user is able to record as many doctors, specialist, as they want and also able to state their specialty along with other contact details, this list can be accessed when creating an appointment and will then repopulate the appointments details as much as possible.

Here a user can list as many allergies as they wish, the main focus is on medical allergies but there is no reason why they cannot list all know allergies.

The user can keep a record of their medication, both current and historical, along with the information about the medication the user is able to set a reminder to take medication, as the application make use of iCloud calendars here therefore ensuring this reminder is set across all their devices, therefore giving every possible method of reminding them. 

Here the user is able to create and record their appointments, they can also list the basic information that they would like to discuss with their doctors, in the top right hand corner there is an image of a doctor, this will link to the list held within the database.

Diagnoses / Events
 The user is able to list both their diagnoses and any medical events that have taken place, such as unplanned trips to hospital, a TIA or other significant information that they might want to track.

Diagnoses / Events
 The user is able to list both their diagnoses and any medical events that have taken place, such as unplanned trips to hospital, a TIA or other significant information that they might want to track.

The user can select images, images that have been emailed; such as CT results, can be saved locally and then associated with the application or they can take a direct photo, possibly of reports.

The user can record their operations and also take a photo of the report and associate the operation. Again any image can be emailed out along with the recorded details of the operation.


Here the user is able to record their vaccinations and take a photo of the vile, or the batch sticker that comes with these injections.

My Rare Data
This gives the user with the ability to record and list any rare conditions that they may have and also link support groups and online resources. There is a section where they can add, by “cut copy paste” or direct typing, an overview of the condition. Each of the links open in their own screen thus ensuring easy to read and a user-friendly environment.

User Support Data
Within this section we provide the ability to store and record key support data, such as medical Insurance information and MediAlert data, there is also a link to FMD Library.

Insurance Details
Record the key information about the insurance, something which would be useful in demonstrating coverage and providing contact details while away from your home, for example whilst traveling to a foreign country where your insurance company may not be known.

MediAlert Cards

 This information is held so that it could be given to a hospital in the event of emergency and where they may need to get more detailed information that we can safely store on a mobile device, such as very detailed images, 3D images, and more.

FMD Library
As this application is driven by the desire to create greater awareness of FMD all instance have a link to online documentation about FMD.

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