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Babies Are Smarter than You Think

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

To adults, even parents themselves, infants may seem like little humans that still need enormous development to become fully formed people, yet babies should not be underestimated. Infants learn at a much faster rate than people expect. In fact, research shows that babies learn rational thought before learning how to speak, and when they do start to talk, their baby talk enhances their ability to learn.

Rational Thought before Language Mastery

Babies seem to learn slowly, especially when they start to speak with their wide array of sounds, yet they actually learn faster than you think. A recent study from Science found that infants could actually reason and make rational deductions before they could even speak. A European team of scientists from various institutions conducted the study.

In the team’s research, infants with ages 12 to 19 months were repeatedly shown two distinct objects—a dinosaur and a flower—that were hidden behind a black wall. An animation is then played, showing a cup scooping up the dinosaur. Upon removing the black wall, half of the time, the subjects will find the dinosaur gone, while the other instances showed the dinosaur remaining.

From the results of these experiments, eye-tracking techniques found that the infants seemed to be confused when they found the dinosaur still present. This behavior was interpreted in light of a formal logic concept, thus, showing how babies can actually perform rational thought before they can even speak.

Baby Talk Aids Language Learning

Once infants do speak, a different study in Current Biology proved that baby talk from mothers can help babies learn new words. As mothers exaggerate and highlight speech structures, babies learn to differentiate sounds that make up different words. Mothers, then, need not be embarrassed about how they talk to their infants, as their way of talking to them aids learning.

With this, as you can see, babies learn quicker than you expect, and with the help of our application, Baby Steps, you can have your baby learn quickly as well through different activities in the app. You can even record their physical and intellectual progress through the app.

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