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Book Travel Tickets with a Computer; Document with a Mobile

Mobile phones have now become the go-to devices of the world when it comes to online activities, product purchases, and service requests, yet one thing that mobile phones still haven’t taken over is travel booking. According to the latest statistics, people still predominantly book plane tickets through personal computers. You can do the same and use your mobile phone instead to document your trips.

Computers Remain King in Travel Booking

You probably use your phone for many purposes such as dating or food delivery, but you likely prefer booking travel tickets on your laptop or desktop. Consumers globally share your preference as 90 percent of respondents in a survey use their personal computers as well for travel booking. Only a measly five percent of respondents use their mobile devices. The survey encompassed 16,000 respondents from 10 different markets around the world.

Mobile Booking Takes Too Long

One of the main reasons consumers prefer personal computers over mobile lies in the process time. Respondents in the survey above reported that travel booking on mobile took too much of their time. They also cited that mobile booking seemed to ask for too much information or that websites on mobiles lacked security.

Computer Booking Is Better for Research

Aside from the process time, age also seemed to dictate device preference for travel booking. Millennials were more likely to use their mobile phones to book plane tickets, but actually, only 41 percent ever do so. Testimonials given to Forbes show that people of all ages consider computers to be the better platform when conducting serious travel research and airfare comparisons.

Document on Your Mobile Instead

With all of this data, you can stay on your computer to book travel flights. In fact, you may not have any plans of changing to mobile. You can use your phone instead to document the trips you take. With our application, My Fav Spots, you can directly input your travel location to your phone. You can even use the app to take pictures that you can post on social media.

You can download the application from for only 99 cents. You can also find out more from

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