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Entrepreneurship Hack: Read To-Do List, Better Productivity

How many tasks do you need to accomplish in a day as an entrepreneur? When building a business from the ground-up, your responsibilities may pile up into a huge mountain of tasks. You can easily be overwhelmed with all of it, stressing yourself out, and depleting your energy levels. How can you stay on top of your tasks then?

Write and Read To-Do List

As you already know, writing down a to-do list can guide you through the tasks you need to accomplish in a day. With our application Remind-Me, you can easily make that to-do list in your smartphone. Psychologists suggest making a to-do list will not be enough, however. You have to read your to-do list regularly throughout the day as well. Reading can actually make you more productive, even if you miss a few tasks at the end of the day.

Plan Using Opportunities

By reading your to-do list, and seeing all the things you still have to do, you wire your brain to do “opportunistic planning”. In other words, the more you think about what you need to accomplish, the more motivation you get to finish it. When you read your to-do list, the better you can notice things around you that can help you do your tasks.

Problem-Solve Tasks

In a more passive way, you spark your brain into problem-solving overdrive. You can now take advantage of coincidences, such as meeting a person out of nowhere, to reach your daily goals. You multitask better, and you may be surprised at how many tasks you actually check off without working hard to accomplish them.

You can set our application, Remind-Me, to sound alarms for tasks you need to accomplish. When you turn the alarms off, you can take the time to read your to-do list to opportunistically plan as you go through your day. You can learn more about Remind-Me at our website, You can also download the app directly to your smartphone for only ₵99 at

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