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Equalize Properly at the Right Time

Equalize Properly at the Right Time

Safety is always important in diving. Using our application Dive Master, you can input who your emergency contact is. You can even document your insurance details to help you with claims when away from home. Of course, you will never have to use these details as long as you pursue safety during each of your dives. Your ears in particular will be vulnerable to the crushing pressure of water, and you will have to equalize properly to prevent damage to them.

Equalize to Protect Your Ears

Equalizing is a basic skill that all scuba divers learn first and foremost. The skill aims to equalize the pressure between the water outside your ears, and the middle sections of your ears. Through equalization of the pressure, your ears are protected from damage.

Mistakes Abound

Equalization seems important enough, yet sadly, as much as 89 percent of divers equalize incorrectly. As a result, 29 percent had to cut their diving lives short for a few weeks or months to recover from problems caused by improper equalization. A small 6.9 percent have sustained permanent ear damage.

Equalize Better

Divers usually use the Valsalva Maneuver to equalize, but problems can sometimes arise from this technique because divers sometimes equalize at the wrong time or not often enough. For better equalization, you can do several alternative techniques such as the Toynbee Maneuver. You simply pinch your nose or block it with your mask skirt and swallow.

Equalize Frequently

For further ear protection, you can equalize constantly as well, especially when you descend at a much faster rate than usual. Other tricks include equalizing or chewing gum hours before a dive. Above the surface of the water, equalize as well. Now, when your ears still begin to hurt, stop your descent. Climb a few feet up and equalize.

Equalization is important, and you have to do it properly at the right moments. If anything happens, your emergency and insurance details in our Dive Master application can help with medical aid. Download the app from, and find out more about it at

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