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My MediRecs App Review

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you enjoy exploring other countries? Or better yet, want to move or spend your retirement outside your country?

One of the concerns one would usually have is his health. Our health should always be our first priority. Who would look after you when you get sick in a place you’re not familiar with? Who would you call to check on you? How about your records and documents? How would you get them when they’re left in oceans away from you?

These were my questions before I left my home. Lucky for me I found an answer. I recently saw an Ad online about a Medical app name MyMediRecs that can keep my records, my physician’s contact details, my insurance’s details, my allergies and many more health-related information. I wouldn’t need to travel with all my documents because it’s already there right straight from my phone. I can also store my medical history such as my past conditions so I can easily inform my current physician. What I loved the most is it is surely 100% secured, because they are stored locally. I no longer need to search on multiple envelopes, folders and papers because I got them organized on my phone.

This also gave my family a relief, we don’t need to remember everything, because we got everything on MyMedirecs app. If I can spend money on games or other apps that are not that important, why not invest on things that matter the most- my health. Now, I can be wherever and whenever I want to be without worrying about my health documents.

I also found out that the app aims to help people with rare diseases such as FMD, part of its profit will be spent for thorough research about the said disease.

A friend of mine lives in the Philippines, he put me onto this app, he uses it all the time, he has a long term medical issue, and says that he now feels confident travelling anywhere in the world as he has all his medical notes and images with him all the time, perfect when you don’t speak the local language and need to, or just want to, keep a record of all you medical treatment.

Another mate lives in Russia, he says it was perfect for him, he had a minor heart complaint and was concerned about ensuring his doctors in Russia knew what had happened, he stored the reports and images taken of his heart, it helped him when he had some issues, they could look at his history right there and then, no issues with time differences.

So if you are an expat or just somebody that loves to travel, I cannot think of a better way to keep track of your medical history, vaccinations, medications etc. than this app, check it out on the App Store, click here, or check out the company’s web site the app received a 5 star review on the iPhone App Review

Our families always matter the most to us, and that means we should never take our health for granted.

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