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Organize Your Medical History to Navigate through Modern Healthcare

People with rare and complicated disorders can tell you that the modern healthcare process today entails you to meet multiple physicians and specialists for your health concerns. The constant switch-ups can be confusing and frustrating, especially since you need to help each new provider understand your medical history. To complicate things even more, you yourself can confuse and forget details of your own history.

Organization Is Key

Organization ang record-keeping now gain utmost importance. Organized records of your medical history will make sure that providers can grant you the healthcare you truly need. At the same time, you can easily make providers understand what you have gone through in the past medically. You can even stop worrying that you have forgotten certain details.

Record Easily with an App

Organized records can immensely help, especially when you have rare and complicated disorders, but keeping written notes can be taxing. In the digital world of today, you can easily rely on mobile software technology such as the My Medical Records application to keep track of all your diagnoses, medication, conditions, healthcare providers, and more. You simply have to input the details and save them for later when you need them.

List Your Medication

For a comprehensive record of your medical history, you can list down all your medication, current and past. You can also write down the prescriptions of your physicians. When you meet a new healthcare provider can consult your list of prescriptions in order to give you the right medication you need.

Other Needed Details

You will also have to list down your medical conditions, procedures you underwent or will undergo, vaccinations, test results, even family history. All of the previous details can be stored in our application, My Medical Records. You can then have your entire medical history right in your pocket.

The process of modern healthcare can now be easier and stress-free with your medical history right at your fingertips. You can learn more about the My Medical Records application at our website,, while you can download the app for $14.99 from

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