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Rare Diseases At Large

The FNJ Software team has been celebrating Rare Disease Day since its observance last February 28, and what better way to raise awareness than with an overview of rare diseases. Many people have little to no knowledge about rare diseases in spite of their prevalence in the world today. Now, it may also seem ironic that rare diseases are prevalent. To raise awareness for such debilitating diseases, and to help you understand rare diseases, you can take a look at the explanations below.

What Are Rare Diseases?

In the United States, rare diseases are classified as diseases that affect patient populations no more than 200,000. In the U.K., rare diseases are only considered so when they affect less than 50,000 people. Other countries have their own definition of “rare disease”. These numbers may seem small, and they are when you look at rare diseases individually. As a whole, however, with around 7,000 different rare diseases, and probably thousands more undiscovered, people with rare diseases number millions.

How Many People Suffer from Rare Diseases?

In the U.S., around 30 million people suffer from rare diseases. In other terms, this 30 million means 1 in 10 Americans or 10 percent of the U.S. population. In Europe, another 30 million suffer as well. Worldwide, patient numbers reach up to 350 million people.

What Is Being Done About This?

In light of the prevalence of rare diseases, many are already taking action to prevent rare diseases from spreading further and to help those who already suffer from such conditions. Couples can now undergo DNA testing to screen for any rare diseases passed on through genetics. Healthcare leaders and rare disease advocates are also pushing for reforms in the healthcare industry to better cater patients with rare diseases. In fact, they are pushing for more developments on treatments, in order to save as much rare disease patients as possible.

Now, you may be only one person in the entire world, but you can make a small difference. Knowing more about rare diseases is a help already. If you know someone with a rare disease, you can also check out our application, My Medical Records. The app is designed specifically for patients who suffer from chronic and rare diseases.

You can download it from, or you can learn more about it at

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