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Sleep Faster by Writing a To-Do List

Do you stay awake late at night because of all the thoughts racing in your head? You want to sleep, but you can’t because of your hyperactive brain. To solve that, allowing you to finally sleep peacefully, you can write down or document tasks that you need to do tomorrow or sometime in the future.

Science Proves Faster Sleeping Method

Scientists from Baylor University recently published a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology that found writing future to-do tasks actually help in falling asleep faster. The study stems from past research showing how writing about worries reduces stress as well as boosting work efficiency. The Baylor scientists wanted to know if the same principle applies to sleep and future-focused thoughts specifically.

The Baylor research based its findings on an experiment on 57 men and women. Half of them were tasked to write down things they have to do in the future, while the other half were tasked to write completed tasks in the past days. After the writing session, everyone slept. The researchers measured all participants’ brain activity and identified some differences.

Changes Brought by Task Writing

For one, those who wrote to-do lists fell asleep on an average of 9 minutes faster than those who wrote only completed tasks. In fact, the more specific the task-writing, the faster participants fell asleep. You can try the same before you go to bed if your brain keeps you awake at night.

Write to Sleep Faster

You can write your to-do tasks for the next days in our application Remind-Me. You can also categorize them according to their importance as well as personalize each task. In this way, according to the Baylor study, you supposedly offload responsibilities from your mind, giving your brain space for relaxation and good sleep.

Task writing may be boring enough to put you to sleep. You can start writing with our application by downloading it from for only 99 cents. You can also find out more about the app from our website

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