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Take Your Medication: Different Ways to Remember

Remembering to do a certain act may seem simple at first, but many actually fail to remember to do the simplest of actions. Taking medication on time can be a prime example of that. Fortunately, you can try a number of different methods that can help you remember to take important medication.

Integrate into a Daily Activity

For one, you can integrate your medicine-taking into a daily activity that you religiously perform. For example, you may drink a cup of water immediately after you wake up. You can add the taking of medicine into that routine. Other daily activities you can use for integration include brushing your teeth, after showering, eating, after you have worn your clothes, and many others.

Ask a Loved One’s Help

Another way to remember is to ask the help of a loved one if you have a spouse or still live with family. Individuals who love and care for you will be more than happy to remind you to take your medicine. Of course, you still have to try to remember, but a loved one helping you along the way can boost you up.

Use a Pillbox

A third option will be to use a pillbox to organize and remember to drink your pills. The pillbox has long been used by all sorts of people to remember to take medication. You can follow suit, as a pillbox can also prevent you from taking double doses of the same medicine.

Use a Mobile Application

Perhaps the best way to remember to take medication, however, will be to use a mobile application. Mobiles have taken over most of America today, and if you have one, you can easily configure your phone to remind you of what you must do. Medical applications have specific features that remind patients to take their medicine, and you can take advantage of that.

It may be difficult to remember to take your medication on your own strength when you often forget. With the help of tools such as a mobile application, however, you will be successful in taking your medicine every single time.

With that, the best application to help you out would be the My Medical Record App! You get reminded to take your medication every time you need to through your phone. You can keep a record of your medication, both current and historical, along with the information about the medication the user is able to set a reminder to take medication, as the application make use of iCloud calendars here; therefore ensuring this reminder is set across all their devices.

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