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The First-Timer’s Travel Guide

Have you stayed in your hometown for most of your life? Are you itching for a thrilling adventure that will give you happiness and fulfillment? Why not travel around your country, or even around the world? For first-time travelers, travelling anywhere beyond your hometown may feel like a frightening experience, but the trips will surely be all worth it in the end. To ease you and prepare you for your trip, here are a few tips you may want to remember.

Make a Plan

Before you book a flight, research the location you plan to visit. Even when you have been to that location before, a well-laid plan can make your visit more convenient and enjoyable. You can list down the places you want to visit in a city, or things you want to do. It’s not necessary, but knowing a few tidbits about your location may also help you appreciate your destination more.

Do It Yourself

Now, it may seem easier for you to let a travel agent arrange everything for you, but you can save more when you arrange everything yourself. You can book your flights, your accommodations, and your transportation, and in this way, you can be flexible with your budget and itinerary.

Learn Where You Are.

Once you have arrived at your destination, instead of going straight to tourist hot spots, it will be better if you take your time to roam around and familiarize yourself with the place. Any kind of tour around the place can help. Having a local guide is good too.

Explore and Discover

When you have found your footing, you can take off and explore. Besides the main attractions of the place, take time to explore without a specific place in mind. Getting lost can lead you to great finds and hidden gems, and you can easily document these finds and gems in the My Fav Spots application. Then, you can share your experience on social media.

These are only some of the tips that can make your travels fun and exciting. Take the leap and explore the world now. You can find out more about My Fav Spots at, and you can download it at

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