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The Way of Prioritization

Work can be messy, especially when many tasks need to be accomplished. With the stress that you received from the work, and the sheer number of tasks to do, you can easily feel overwhelmed by everything. It is in these times that prioritization becomes invaluable. The better you can prioritize tasks, the easier you can handle all your work duties. You will feel less stressed as well.

List and Categorize

Now, to organize your work life, and begin prioritization, you can first list all the things you need to do within a day. Once you have the list, categorize your tasks into four groups. One will be the “urgent” tasks which you will need to work on immediately. Second will be the “important” tasks that need to be done within the day. Next, you have the “not important” and “not urgent” tasks which you can either delegate or not do.

Evaluate Value and Required Effort

As you categorize, think about the value of these tasks. Naturally, the ones with the highest value go to the “urgent” category. The ones with a high value go to the “important” category. The rest will then go either to the “not important” and “not urgent” categories. Another categorical factor will be the amount of effort needed to complete tasks. Level of effort can help you prioritize those tasks that seem to have equal value.

Know How to Adapt

Of course, life is unpredictable. You can leave yourself some wiggle room for unexpected changes to your priorities. You need to learn how to adapt quickly to stay on focus with your tasks.

Relegate Tasks to Other Days

Finally, when all is said and done, you can only do so many tasks. Finish what you can within a day and relegate other less important tasks for other days. With the use of our Remind-Me application, you can prioritize, categorize, and schedule your work days and work weeks. You can group tasks together with the app. You can even set alarms to remind you to work on certain tasks.

As long as you focus on prioritization, you can get through the work week without a cinch.

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