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Vision Impairment in Divers Needs the Perfect Prescription Mask

Scuba diving is an activity that favors clear eyesight. You can only enjoy the shipwrecks, the corals, and the marine life when you can clearly see underwater. Those who suffer from any kind of vision impairment then need corrective aids that will help them see. For divers, you can either pick contact lenses or a prescription mask. Now, when you can’t or do not want to wear contact lenses underwater, especially if you have only ever worn eyeglasses, you may want to choose a prescription mask. How do you go about finding the best prescription mask for you, however?

Customize the Lens

First of all, you have to start with the lens. Prescription masks can come in either one or two lens designs, and adjusted according to what you need, whether it be single vision or bifocals. The best mask will need to come in the exact same measurements as your eyeglasses. You can find companies that make such lenses, and some can even fit the lens directly on to pre-existing diving masks that you already have.

Pick a Well-Fitting Mask

In case that you don’t have a mask yet, however, or if you want a new mask, you can also choose a new mask to come along with your lenses. You will have to check the mask to see if it fits you well. You need to be comfortable as you wear the mask over your eyes, while you breathe through your mouth. You can test it a few times, but if any discomfort persists, you need to choose a different mask.

Test It Underwater

You can also try using it underwater. You can test it out in controlled environments in a pool or off a beach. When the mask gives you what you need from it, then you have found the perfect one.

Once you have your new mask, you can document its serial number and other gear details in our application, Dive Master. In case you lose the mask, or someone steals it, the documented information about it can help you with any insurance claims or item identification.

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