You can do everything but not at the same time. 
 This is why there is Remind-Me!

Remind-Me enables you to organize your upcoming events and tasks in seconds and lets you decide if a reminder or prompt is required.


It is designed to be simple yet a useful app while employing technology to help the end user manage and control their, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly activities; therefore giving the user a better chance of being able to hit their goals and help manage their time in a more effective manner. Remind-Me can also help people you not forgetting the important events that they have, just like birthdays, wedding, and anniversaries. 

Remind-Me gives the user the ability to group relevant tasks together, and let them know how many of the tasks are outstanding; thus helping ensure the user is aware of outstanding tasks. By keeping these separate from other important events, this will enable the user to prioritize their efforts and time. For example you could list all your staff meetings under a group labeled “Staff Meetings” and sort all your other activities into additional groups such as “Meetings with the Boss” or “Recreation Events”.


When Planning a vacation? You can list all the tasks and activities that need to be done, such as getting visas, booking tickets, finalizing hotels, booking rental cars, and many more and keep this collection ready to be removed once completed without affecting other tasks or events.


The user can personalize the labels however they want and therefore provide flexibility and giving the control of time management back to the user.


Set Individual Alarm For Each Task

Remind-Me gives you the ability to set reminders for each individual task, and therefore helps you to manage the details. Whether these tasks are personal or business related, being reminded for each task will ensure that you are on track for your given goals and targets.

Check Or Uncheck To-Do’s

Need to know what’s finished and what’s not? With RemindMe you can put a check mark against your accomplished tasks or even just to label those groceries bought so don’t miss a thing or two. This feature will let you know what ones in your list are attained, purchased or reached and which ones are still pending.

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